State of play

Congratulations to the Danny Mills love and positivity squad on being the first to reach the magic 100 point mark. But have they peaked too early?

We will continue to accept entries while the tournament is under way, and people who have already signed up but not chosen any players can still do so BUT you will not be able to choose any players who have already scored (positive) points. You will also not be able to choose players while games are in progress. You can carry on setting up and joining private leagues.

What is Twatball?

Twatball is a fantasy league game for the football Euros, turned on its head.

Select your dream XI of thugs, cheats and hapless bunglers, then sit back and watch them rack up points for red and yellow cards, own goals, blatant dives and missed penalties.

Twatball is completely free and you can set up your own custom leagues to compete against your friends, family and work colleagues.

To keep touch with what's happening, you might want to sign up for our twitter feed. We have a Facebook page as well, although as we're not spending any money on it it will probably never show up on your timeline even if you Like it.

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He's not on a yellow card yet HE IS NOW