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Choose your team here. Note: selections made here will NOT be definitively saved until you press the relevant button, and won't be carried over between different logins/browser sessions.

Remember, your team selection must include:

No two identical teams will be accepted. First come, first served. Team selections are pretty much final. If your blokes break their legs before the matches start, then you will get whoever is drafted in in their place instead.

Players known or believed to be injured or not going for some other reason are marked like this. If you pick them, you'll probably get their replacements instead.

For a full choice of team YOU MUST SELECT YOUR TEAM BY 2100 Central European summer time (BST+1, UTC+2) ON FRIDAY 10 JUNE. If you leave it until the tournament has started you will only be able to select players who have not yet picked up any (positive) points.

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Check the boxes for the players you want to keep for your team, then click 'clear unchecked' or run another search to find more players.

You can only select a team if you've logged on and you haven't already done it!