Metatarsal, ligament and server news

(all times are UK - UTC+1)

2016-06-01 16:00

As people may notice, the site still has a lot of old decor. No time to mess about with all that. Also, some stuff may be strangely reminiscent of 2010. At least that shows that I do keep *some* backups.

2016-06-09 09:00

Assuming I receive parliamentary authority to do so, in view of the rather last minute nature of everything, I am considering keeping entries open and allowing teams to be selected for a little while after the tournament starts. You'll only be able to choose players if their score is zero or less, though. Also, if you're British and you haven't yet done so, register to vote TODAY.

2016-06-12 16:45

A meeting of the twatball arbitration panel has ruled that Vedran ─ćorluka should receive double the normal twatball points for head bandages for the number of conveniently time-consuming tweaks, changes, reapplications and restylings that his headwear underwent during the course of the game.

Addendum: he got another round for putting on the waterpolo hat in the next game after the cut was reopened, but not for just starting with it in subsequent games, enough's enough.

2016-06-22 16:45

Christian Ronaldo wins 10 twatpoints for this gesture, although I'm sure we'd all have done the same if we had occasion to.